Where is Loren Parks?

On October 2, Bill Sizemore is scheduled to once again appear in Marion County Court on contempt charges. The case involves a sham charity in Nevada, which Sizemore has allegedly used to filter money to his political projects in order to hide the identity of his donors and get around a court order against him.

At the center of that trial is Nevada multi-millionaire Loren Parks, who continues to bankroll ballot initiatives by Sizemore and Kevin Mannix. Process servers have been trying to deliver a subpoena to Parks for weeks to force him to testify about his role in the Sizemore case, but he's no longer answering the door at his own home--newspapers have piled up on his porch. Given the information that has come out around the hearing, it appears he's attempting to avoid having to answer questions about his involvement.

Because we have been unable to reach Loren Parks, we are asking the public to help us locate him. If you have any information about his whereabouts, please email spotted@missingmillionaire.com.

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Click here to watch Loren Parks in "action" Click here to watch Loren Parks in "action"